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Click here to access materials related to the new California Community College IT Model Curriculum.

I teach in the Computer Information Science department at Cosumnes River College (CRC) in Sacramento, California. If you are already a student in one of my classes, or if you intend to enroll in one of my classes, this site will give you valuable information about my teaching philosophy and about the material I cover in my courses.

Fall 2017 Courses

CISA 308 - Exploring Word Processing and Presentation Software
- Online Class Calendar (3rd 5-week session)

CISC 308 - Exploring Computer Environments and the Internet
- Monday/Wednesday Class Calendar
- Online Class Calendar (1st 5-week session)

CISC 310 - Introduction to Computer Information Science
- Tuesday/Thursday Class Calendar
- Online Class Calendar

CISC 356 - Introduction to Local Area Networks
- Online Class Calendar (2nd 8-week session)

CISC 360 - Information & Communication Technology Essentials (A+)
- Hybrid Class Calendar

Click here to view the Online Orientation videos for my courses.

Spring 2018 Courses

To be announced.

Summer 2018 Courses

To be determined.

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Computer Information Science Degrees at Cosumnes River College

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Course Repertoire

As a community college, Cosumnes River College (CRC) prepares students not only for transfer to 4-year institutions but also for employment in our local community. To be successful in this endeavor, we depend on the continuing input and expertise of businesses in the Sacramento area that use information technology and are willing to serve on the Computer Information Science department's Advisory Committee. If you are interested in participating in the education of your future employees, please contact me at

We are also constantly looking to expand the number of organizations that provide our students with internship opportunities in Computer Information Science. Many organizations already benefit from turning qualified interns into permanent employees after evaluating their skills over the course a semester. If you are an interested organization or a student within two semesters of graduation, CRC's Cooperative Work Experience office will be happy to send you information about how to set up an Internship. For assistance please call 916-691-7372 during regular office hours.

I have taught full-time within the Los Rios Community College District since 1997. As part of my evaluation, I periodically create reports about my academic and professional activities. Please take a look at my 2010-2013 Self-Study Report and see what I do behind the scenes to improve myself and contribute to Cosumnes River College's mission.

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