Dr. Norv Wellsfry

Professor --Computer Information Science and Accounting

Phone/Voice Mail: (916) 691-7269

e-mail: wellsfn@crc.losrios.edu

FAX: (916) 691-7443

                              OFFICE:  BS 134

HI, I'm an Instructor at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California where I teach both Computer Information Science and Accounting.  I have been a Community College Educator since 1971 and have worked at four different Colleges in both Virginia and California.

Accounting and Computer Information Science is an interesting combination of disciplines.  When I started my career, most Accounting was done on manual systems, and only large organizations had computers for their information needs.  Since the advent of the Personal Computer, virtually every business now has access to computer based information systems.  These two disciplines are closely linked. My assignment at Cosumnes River College gives me an opportunity to constantly learn new things in these two worlds.

Although I love technology and all of the advantages that it brings to our lives, I also love the past.  Two of my interests are Woodworking and Railroading.  As a woodworker, I collect and use antique tools.  It gives me a special feeling when I can make a something out of a tool that someone else used to make beautiful things in the past.  I feel a connection to the past when I grasp an old tool.  Trains are fun!  As a boy, I got an "electric train" for Christmas.  A bug was born, and my interest has grown over the years.  However, I must confess that I'm a "steamer."  That means, if the train doesn't belch smoke and blow off steam, I'm not nearly as interested in it.  The craftsmanship and skill needed to build and run a steam locomotive give them a special place for me.

To me, the learning process is fun and I love to share my knowledge.  If my teaching has an underlying philosophy, it's that everyone can learn, there is always more to learn, and it is fun to learn.  I look forward to meeting you.

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